Board game history

monopoly_intl_pack_logoIn this post I will cover the history of three popular board games. Apples to Apples, MONOPOLY, and Trouble.


Monopoly was invented in 1904 by Elizabeth Magie. At first it was called the Landlords game, which she had a patent for. At first the game was made to be a tool to teach kids a lesson about tax theory. It didn’t have very good success, but it did have a following in the Northeast and Midwest by teenagers. The first games were all hand made. The Hasbro version of the game was made in 1935, and has sold 275 million copies have been sold since then. The game is available 111 countries, and is translated 43 languages. Here are some fun facts about the game. The longest MONOPOLY game ever lasted 70 straight days. The most expensive version of the game was produced by a very well known San Francisco jeweler named Sidney Mobell. The game is worth $2 million dollars. The game consists of a 23-carat gold board, and diamond-studded dice. Every few years, champions from around the world meet for the MONOPOLY World Championship tournament. World Champions have come from 10 different countries, including the United States, Ireland, Singapore, Italy, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan and Spain.


Apples to Apples was originally published by Out Of The Box Publishing, it is now published by the company Matel. Apples to Apples was invented in 1999. It was named ”Party Game of the Year” in December of 1999, and received the National Parenting Center’s seal of approval in May 1999. The point of the game is to get as many green cards as you can. To get these green cards you have to secretly pick a red card that matches the best to the description of the green card. There are 10 variations of the game that you can play aside from playing the original version. There was no big reason to invent the game, it was made just to have fun.


Trouble is a board game where your objective is to get all of your your pieces, all the way around the board. T move your pieces you have to pop a dice. Trouble was developed by the Kohner Brothers, and was originally manufactured by Irwin Toy Ltd. It was later developed by Milton Bradley, who was part of the company Hasbro. The game was released to the United States in 1965.  It is made for two to four players to play, and is made for the family. The main reason the game was made was for it to just be a game you play with your family and friends.


This has been history on three popular board games played around the world. I got all of my information from these sites.

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My Favorite Place to go

Lake-SunsetMy favorite place to go and be is Lake Cumberland. Lake Cumberland is located in Somerset Kentucky, and my family has been going there for as long as they can remember. We go down down with my aunt, uncle, my three cousins, my parents, and my grandparents for about one week during the summer. I have been going there since I was one year old. For a number of years we just went down with my grandpa’s boat, but now my parents and I have one too so we are able to go down more.


For the past few years we have stayed at a place called Conley Bottom Resort. It is a campsite, resort, and dock all in one. It is one of the bigger docks located on the lake. We stay in the cabin type motels that they have, they are nicer than some hotels you will probably stay at. The rooms all come with a covered boat slip, this is nice because my grandfather can use this for his boat. This is also where my parents keep our boat during the summer. We go down about ten times every summer to boat, besides the time we go down for the whole week.


Lake Cumberland is amazing, the water is so clear you can see your toes. Lake Cumberland is 101.3 miles long. The lake has lots of coves you can anchor in. The coves are nice when you just want to lay around on the boat and swim. When we go down we tube, ski, knee board, and ride jet ski’s. Tubing is really fun. The boat swings you around and tries to throw you off the tube. Riding jet ski’s are my favorite thing to do on the lake. When your on a jet ski all you have to worry about are how fast you are going, and trying not to through yourself off. You kind of feel free when you are trying to go as fast as can down the lake.


This has been my favorite place to go, Lake Cumberland. Credit for picture by

Anna Maria Island

image1 (1)Over my spring break this year me, my mom, and my dad all went to Anna Maria island near Tampa, Florida. We left early in the morning on April first, and we came back on the eighth. We all woke up at three in the morning to make sure we wouldn’t miss our flight. In my opinion you should always leave earlier than the minimum amount of time it takes to get there. You never know what could happen. Anyways, we took off from the airport in Columbus Ohio to Nashville Tennessee, where we had a layover. As we were coming in from our descent me and my parents all thinking we weren’t going to make our flight because we only had fifteen minutes to get their. What we didn’t think of was that our phones had not hooked up to data yet so the time difference hadn’t kicked in. So we were actually early to get to the gate. We boarded the plane and landed in Tampa where we then had to drive to the island.


image1I didn’t realize I had been to the island before until we were driving to the island. It finally hit me when we went to a small restaurant called Mr. Bones BBQ. Once we had arrived there it finally hit me, I had been here before.This was a very small restaurant, it probably could hold a little over thirty to forty people. It was very, very, small. They had a sign and it had this quote which I thought was kind of cool “NO SALT , PEPPER, KETCHUP, ETC. IN DINING ROOM. DON’T EVEN ASK. OUR FOOD IS EXPERTLY MADE BY NEW ORLEANS TRAINED CHEFS. NO IMPROVEMENT NEEDED” end of quote. And let me tell you they were very right. I had a burger and it was one of the best ones I have had in a very long time. One of my favorite meals was at a place called Lobstah’s. This was my favorite meal the entire trip. I had a seafood dish called the seafood Anna Maria. The actual dish is the picture above. I expected this place to be a copy cat of Red Lobsters, but boy was I wrong. This place was a hundred times better. This was probably because the seafood that they use is all local and is fresh and doesn’t have to travel long distances to the restaurant. Of course though there were lots of other really good restaurants too, but it would take a couple paragraphs to tell you about all of them.


image1 (3)The scenery down in Anna Maria is amazing. There are lots of palm trees, flowers, and lots of wildlife. We stayed at a place called the Blue Water beach club. This place was a older resort but the main attraction was that it was right on the ocean, and it had a beach access for all of the guest’s. For most of the week we were on the beach swimming, fishing, and laying in the sun. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. It didn’t rain all week and the only time you even came close to a bad day was when there were a couple clouds in the sky.  The second day we were down there we decided to buy some fishing poles and gear to fish on the beach. We figured that the day before we left we would ship it back to Ohio through the post office. Anyway, some of the locals showed us a good type of bait to use, and it was right in the sand. They were called sand fleas and the fish gobbled them right up. They looked like a big pale regular flea. To find them you sift through the sand with a type of basket and rinse the extra sand with water. This is what you would use as bait instead of shrimp. The weather, and fishing were great the entire time we were down there.


image1 (5)On April fourth my parents and I went para sailing. I had never been parasailing before, so I didn’t know what to expect. We were also joined by a father and his two kids on the boat too. The captain of the boat took us out into the Gulf of Mexico near the beach to parasail. We decided to go because for the past couple of days we had seen a lot of boats parasailing and, since we really didn’t have anything planned we decided to go. I went first with the other father’s son. The instructor hooked us up to the parachute and the captain picked up speed. The parachute instantly started to lift us up farther and farther into the air. Finally we could see the whole island. It looked so small from all the way up in the sky. Everything was so quiet, all you could hear was the wind blowing in your face. The coolest thing I saw was a sea turtle swimming right below the surface of the water. I had a really cool experience parasailing, I will definitely want to do it again. I’m the one on the left in the picture.


image1 (4)On the last day we were in Anna Maria we went out fishing with a guide. His name was Craig, and he took us out fishing on his boat. He runs a charter business by himself in the Bradenton area, which is where we were. He took us into a inshore bay in Sarasota. We told him we didn’t care what kind of fish we caught as long as we caught something, and boy we did. Together we all caught at least ten sea trout, and six snook. Snook are long yellow and silver fish with a black line that dips down their side. And the trout is what is pictured above. The snook are very fun to catch and they put up a real fight. We kept about six of the all the trout we caught, but we didn’t catch any snook big enough to keep. Craig filleted the trout for us so we could take it to a restaurant to be cooked. We went to a place called the Sandbar, which was right on the ocean. They cooked the fish for us two different ways, blackened, and fried. I have never had fresher fish than that. I had a really fun time fishing on the boat with the guide.


I had a great time in Anna Maria. I highly advise anyone to visit there if you like the ocean. It would probably take you a month to do everything on the island, and it is absolutely perfect this time of year. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Anna Maria island.



Pumpkin Show

10372771084_52908f9715One event I participate in almost every year is the Circleville Pumpkin Show. This is a event that is held every year in October in Circleville Ohio. This event first started in October of 1903. The Pumpkin Show is always the third Wednesday through Saturday in October.  It first was a humble street fair, but has turned into something much bigger. It now has lots of rides, food booths, parades, games, and other attractions. Every day there is a certain parade, all of them are different and have a different theme. There is one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. My favorite parade is the parade of bands.

The best days are during the week, there are still a lot of people, but it doesn’t compare to what it is like on the weekend. The weekend is packed with people, and you can’t hardly walk through the crowds of people. You could stay the entire show and you still might have seen something, or something you didn’t do the day before. I have been going to Pumpkin Show for almost my entire life, and I always have a good time. If you do ever go to Pumpkin Show, never leave without having a pumpkin doughnut from Lindesy’s bakery. The have the best doughnuts and cookies.

I have taken part in this event by working at a food both. Its amazing how many different people you see walking by. Sometimes there is hardly anyone who comes to the both, and the next second you have 20 people waiting to buy something. You get a different perspective of the show when you are working the booth instead of buying something from the booth. Pumpkin Show is a really neat and fun experience, if you ever get the chance to come I highly advise you too.

If you want to learn more about Pumpkin show you can use this link to find out how they set up this event, and when it will be this year Picture credit from


About Erica

Instead of doing the original about me post I did something different. I did an about me post on one of classmates using Tagxedo. Inside of this picture you can see different character traits that I thought described her best. If you want to check out her blog this is her link.   Erica

The great blog audit

Quality-Audit1Today I had one of my classmates do a audit of my blog for the week ten challenge. I am going to tell you what she did on my blog, what I observed, what caught her attention, and what advice she gave me to improve my blog.

First I recorded what she did while looking at my blog. The first thing she did was read my post called ”If I could change my school.” Then she kept going down my blog until she came across the slide show I made on my interests. She went through and looked at all of my slides. After that she took my quiz over the state of Ohio, and did pretty well. She then went too some of my older posts and read my post on what you should do while visiting Columbus Ohio. She read my post on how to say thirteen in thirteen different languages. Finally she read my ”All about me” post.

When she was done looking at my blog I asked her a few questions on what she thought of my blog, and how I could make it better. The first question I asked was, ” What were your first impressions of my blog?” She answered, ” It was really cool.” I then asked her, ”What distracted you on my blog?” She said, ” Your Earth widget.” My final question was, ”What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?” Her final answer was, ” You should add more pictures.”

I really thank for doing an audit of my blog, and giving me some tips on how I can make my blog better. I will use the tips later in the future when writing my posts. Credit for picture by


What we all need

imagesEvery living thing needs water. Animals, trees, birds, they all need it. But right now, the beings that are taking the most impact on water, are humans. Right now in the world someone is barely getting enough water to survive, the water that they are using though is not healthy for them to drink or use. For example, the human body can go without food for three weeks, that’s not so bad if you think about it. But we can only go without water for three days, yeah three days. Today I am going to explain the impact water scarcity has on our planet, and how we the people, can help end water scarcity and prevent it in other countries.

There are two types of water scarcity, economic and physical. Physical scarcity is caused by the demand of water which eventually outstrips the land. Economic scarcity is caused when a country does not have the right means to utilize their water supply.  Right now, around 700 million people are suffering from water scarcity in 43 different countries, that is a lot of people. It is also estimated by the year 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity. Those are some pretty scary statistics, but we can help. If you want to help, you can donate to a organization that will help these people. With that donation these groups will use it to create wells, rain catchment systems, and dams to provide safe clean water for these countries to use. This will stop deaths caused by drinking dirty water, and will benefit the people, and the community. I got these statistics and information from] and . For more information visit these websites

Now I am going to explain how we can help ourselves save water, and not become a country with water scarcity.  Instead of leaving your tap water run why you are not looking, turn it off to save water. Another thing is to  look at your own water footprint, and see how you can change it to conserve water. Consider installing a low flow shower and faucet fixtures, this can reduces the amount of water you use by a lot. Check for leaks, if you faucet drips it can waste up  to 3000 gallons of water per year. Instead of using plastic bottles of water, use a reusable water bottle you can refill over and over again. And with these changes you can save money, which you can use to donate to some of the groups that help with giving people clean water. All of these things can help save water, and make sure we don’t become a country with water scarcity. Tips found from

So as you can see water scarcity is a big problem, but it can be prevented. If we all pitch in and do the little things, we can end water scarcity and make the world a better place. Credit for picture by Visit this link for a video on how much water we really use every day.