Family Avatar’s

In this post I am here to show you my parents avatars that I created for the Student Blogging Challenge. For these avatars I used the avatar creator on the Student Blogging Challenge week one. It was the third to the right on the list of easy websites we could of used. My dad’s hair is actually blond but I couldn’t figure out how to change it, and he has blue eyes, and I had him wearing sunglasses because he always has his Oakley’s with him. My mom has long brown hair with brown eyes.  I think these avatar’s represent my mom and dad well on how they look in real life. I decided to use this website rather than the one I used for my own avatar, because I wanted to create them in person form, rather than in word form. I hope you enjoyed my parents avatar’s, and keep on reading my blog.



My Avatar

Hello people of the internet, today I am here to talk about my avatar for my blog. It does not actually look like me in real life, but it does represent me in different ways. If you look closely, you can see that it is a picture made of words that describe me. In this scrambled thing of words you can see my different hobbies, names of pets, and other cool things I want you to know a about me. I made the picture the shape of a football because football is my favorite sport and my passion. If you want to use, or see the site I used go too this website I hope you all are enjoying my blog and will talk to you all later.


All About Me

Hi, I am Evan and I live in Ohio, also known as the buckeye state. I go to McDowell middle school, where I am currently in seventh grade. I have two dogs named Daisy and Oliver, they keep me busy. My hobbies are playing video games, playing baseball, basketball, and football. My favorite sport is football, I play right tackle on both offense and defense. My favorite book series is the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, and I will also read just about any other fantasy books. My favorite TV shows are the Big Bang Theory, and The Goldebergs. I love boating and skiing in Kentucky. My favorite thing is riding our jet ski, and going fast on the lake. This is all about me and I hope you enjoy my blog.